Akron-UMADAOP, Inc. offers a variety of services to the Summit County community in the area of Prevention Services. We continue to strive to develop a comprehensive prevention system that creates healthy communities in which people enjoy a quality life in accordance with the Center For Substance Abuse Prevention [SAMHSA]. This includes supportive work and school environments, drug- and crime-free neighborhoods, and positive connections with friends and family.

Community & Education

There are times, of course, when prevention programs come too late, or just don’t work. Akron-UMADAOP, Inc.’s Clinical Services are for just those times. Individuals ages 18 and over can find professional guidance from experienced and certified counselors who will help them with the problems caused by alcohol and other drugs. This program is available to all who need it, regardless of any factor, including ability to pay for our services.

Clinical Services

Akron-UMADAOP, Inc.’s Prisoner Reentry Programs involve the use of programs targeted at promoting the effective reintegration of offenders back to communities upon release from various facilities. The Reentry Programs involve a comprehensive case management approach and are intended to assist offenders in acquiring the life skills needed to succeed in the community and become law-abiding citizens.

Criminal Justice

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