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Sorry, but due to COVID-19 the annual conference will be re-scheduled,

at a later date.

Topics of Past Conferences
SANFKOFA: Reflection

"Life can only be understood backwards: But it must be lived forward."

  • To present information to help participants analyze stressful situations, and attitudes that could cause stress, and identify potential solutions, and implement them.

  • To be aware and address the 5 types of trauma common among adolescents and young adults with substance use disorders and understand the approaches to recovery.

  • To discover the Sankofa concept in daily life, decision making and future planning for self, family and community.

  • To explain to participants the cycle of emotional abuse and the effects on emotional development.

  • To understand the relationship between physical abuse and emotional abuse.

  • Be aware of strategies for putting clients at ease and decreasing defensiveness and resistance to discussing marijuana use.

  • To recognize the strategies for integrating spirituality into traditional addictions and mental health counseling.

  • To discuss the importance of youth involvement in order to become supportive peers, leaders and future community leaders. This panel discussed the ways in which the Youth Led Leadership Council Program promotes health, development of a youth led program, community issues and state and national issues facing today’s youth; while giving some solutions that have assisted them in moving forward with their group.

"Building Blocks to a Stronger and Healthier Community. One Person at a Time."
  • Changing the Family Legacy for Community Survival: Re-Uniting Families and Communities One Family at a Time

  • An Introduction to Intimate Partner Abuse: Surviving Domestic Abuse

  • Everyone Communicates…Few Connect

  • Effective Ways to Work with Diverse Youth Populations

  • Developing an Emotionally Stable Child: A Conscious Choice

  • Fighting the Battle of Opiates Addiction and Abuse: A Battle We Must Win

  • Logo Therapy in the Treatment of Addiction & Co-Occurring Disorders

  • Re-Entry is Not Getting Out of Jail: Re-Connecting Individuals to their Communities and Family After Incarceration

  • Integrating Spirituality into Addiction & Mental Health Counseling

  • Youth Led Prevention: What’s Working


"Change, Improve, Transform"

Topics Covered:

  • The Complexities of Cultural Competency
  • Gameplan: A Playbook for Success
  • How Well is Your Well of Wellness? 
  • A Review of SAMHSA’s The Mentions of Wellness
  • Counseling and the Transgender Population
  • Gambling and Other Addictive Behaviors
  • Recovery Coaches Wear Many Hats
  • Understanding Ethical Policies and Procedures for the Future: A Cultural Perspective
  • Heroin Here and Now: A Critical Approach to Healing Change Readiness
  • The Mess in the Messages: The Opiate Epidemic in Pop Culture
“A World of Endless Possibilities: It’s Our Turn to Make a Difference”
Topics included:
  • How to Mentor  Youth to Reach Their  Full Potential
  • Change Your Thinking, Change Your  Life: How to Assist Our Consumers  (Young and Older) into Unlocking  Their Full Potential for Success
  • Becoming an Effective Leader: Through the Use  of Transformational  Leadership
  • Being Bully Free is  Up to You and Me
  • Wellness an Essential  Factor to Success and the Well Being of Our Clients
  • I Came This Way for You to  Follow: Building Our Life Legacy  by Making a Difference in the  Lives of Others
  • Entrepreneurship- An Alternative Pathway  to Success for  Young People
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