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A Welcome Letter from Our CEO


First, let me say thank you on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the staff for taking the time to visit our website. Our site was designed to provide information that is user friendly and accessible.

Working in the era of COVID these past several months has been challenging, but has forced Akron-UMADAOP to be creative with our time and resources, while still preserving the quality of care to our clients. Serving others is key to our mission and the success of our organization is based on relationships, trust, commitment and perseverance.

I am constantly reminded that nothing is more important than providing and restoring the gift of health to those in our community who have somehow fallen short. Nevertheless, nothing is accomplished without people that are committed to service as you all have been. Everyday individuals come to us for services that I am very proud to say are delivered to them in a manner that demonstrates dedication, commitment and total competency. More importantly, it is provided by individuals such as you that continue to have our Agency at the Cutting Edge of Services and Best Practices.

Akron-UMADAOP, Inc.’s Mission is to utilize a holistic approach to multifaceted substance abuse education, prevention, treatment and other services, which promote health and wellness within our communities, with emphasis on African Americans and other minorities. It is my desire that we continue to strive to develop comprehensive Prevention and Treatment systems that create healthy communities in which the people of Summit County may continue to enjoy quality lifestyles.

Thank you for making all of this possible. We could not do this everyday, day-in and day-out, for our children and their families without your continued commitment. Let us all continue to pull together and be a pillar for each other so that Akron-UMADAOP, Inc. can remain a special place - a place of hope and healing, a place of second chances, a place of smiles and a place for a brighter tomorrow.

Yes, these are uncertain times, but the children and their families do not stop needing our care because of the challenges facing our communities and our nation. Thank you for giving and caring. Though we have achieved much, there is still much to do, as we stand firm on our commitment to continue to make a significant difference!



Donald Christian

Don Christian1-gray background.jpg

Board of Directors


Rick Hirt - Chair

Dr. E. Lee Byrd, II - Treasurer

Robert Terry - Vice Chair

Edward Smith, Esq - Legal Advisor

Yolanda Neal - Secretary

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